Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer of Lace

Happy summer solstice! Today kicks off my knitting group's Summer of Lace KAL. A bunch of us will be lacing away until the fall equinox (9/23) on all sorts of things that begin with the letter S - scarves, shawls, sweaters. I, along with Mary and Silvia, will be knitting Hanami. This pattern piqued my interest from the get go, and now, finally, is its time to be made.

I'm using the recommended yarn: Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Peppermint Heather on size US 2s. The number of line repeats + these small needles = a project which shall probably take me ad infinitum to finish, but whatever. I'm groovin' on the fuzzy pink yarn, hiding inside with the a/c cranked while our week-long heat wave continues outside. It's a good thing the basketweave pattern is simple.

Stay cool, y'all!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Out and About

Life has been busy since we returned from vacation. In this time I've:

+ Seen a dear out-of-state friend whom I hadn't seen in several years
+ Drunk three lemon drops with said friend and gotten over the resultant hangover
+ Overseen a window repair after a bird flew into and broke it (the bird flew away, and is hopefully happily living out its life)
+ Had my MIL and my grandfather go into the hospital (both are in their late 80s and in their twilight time)
+ Thought about blogging 100 times and ended up working in the garden instead, as the weather has been in the mid-70s F and gorgeous
+ Been gifted a dead mouse by Fiend, who has come back from a three-week walkabout bouncy and friendly
+ Hit the 30% off anniversary sale at Needle in a Haystack, where I only bought the Addi Turbo US 5 32" circ I need for my KP&S cardi (such restraint, eh?)
+ Gotten food poisoning at a new local restaurant (Pepe's - don't eat here)

What I haven't done is give you my down and dirty recap of Denver area LYS, which I shall do right now. Before our trip I spent some time on KnitMap, figuring out which stores I wanted to hit. I knew my time would be very limited, so my final list included only three: A Knitted Peace, Lamb Shoppe, and Showers of Flowers Yarn Shop.

First up was Showers of Flowers. From the outside the store looks like a concrete bunker, but inside it's large and inviting. Reminded me a lot of Yarn Lady, truth be told, especially since it has copious amounts of novelty yarns. C.O.P.I.O.U.S. Even Cindy, who's never knit a stitch in her life, said, "Wow, it's really frou frou in here, isn't it?" There was a great selection of basic, too - Berroco Ultra Alpaca, various Cascades, and a very nice selection of baby yarns - and if I was a local I know I'd shop there for those. As a tourist, however, I walked away empty handed.

Never saw the Lamb Shoppe (drat! muggles!), but did manage to hit A Knitted Peace. It's a smaller store, and had a nice selection of summer cotton yarns out. My purchase here was a single skein of local hand-dyed - Red Rocks Fiber Works Snowmass Sock in Grass Green - to commemorate my trip.

I only wish I'd had more time, as Marie gave me two other recommendations I would have loved to check out along with the Lamb Shoppe. Ah, well, next time!

Also next time: Knitting content. Promise.