Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What I'm Doin'

1. Lusting after Kylie's new boots. Are they not wicked cool? Since I live in a place that gets maybe five raindrops a year, I'm also nefariously plotting to vacation from now on only in places where moisture is rampant so I can get a pair, too.

2. Shaving my legs. I realized it's been two weeks since I last did. Man, what am I, some kinda hippie or something? Next thing you know I'll be getting a Grateful Dead dancing bear tat on my ankle and following Phish around the country in a VW Microbus. (wait, are Phish even still around?)

3. Aaaand, quickly dissuading that image, my pastel infatuation is ending. A little pink and fuzzy goes a long way, boys and girls. Dare I say too long? Hanami is three charts and a ruffle away from being done; I can knit half a chart a day before narcolepsy occurs. Hopefully by the next time I drag my lazy ass into blog posting again it'll be off the needles and blocked. Or you can call me Rip Van Winklette.

4. I've picked my next lace project. I even have the cone of black Zephyr from my aborted Mystery Shawl 3 for it. It feels good to scuttle back to the dark side.

Photo courtesy of Emilee Mooney/the AntiCraft

5. Playing with my crock pot/slow cooker. Summer is kicking my ass in the hot department, and if I even look at the stove our little house heats up unbearably. Sometimes I'll shuck my shirt and cook en brassiere, but that freaks out Tom (the neighbors might see!), and the crock pot is a nice compromise. (And yeah, the dude needs to shed some of those pesky Protestant inhibitions, but then again, I'm a gal who isn't shaving her legs, so who you gonna listen to?) Thanks to Marie I'm reading this blog, and having varied success in the kitchen. Verdict so far is that big hunks of meat work well, as do soups. I'm on the lookout for good recipes, so if you have any faves, please email me!

* * *

On the turntable: Devil Takes His Turn by the Dusty 45s

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lazy Hazy Daze

The days run away like wild horses over the hills.
~Charles Bukowski

And I'm knitting lace. Pink, frothy lace. I'm on the seventh and last repeat of the basket weave portion of Hanami, and thankful to soon be transitioning to the cherry blossom part. So far it's an easy knit; so easy that I've eschewed lifelines, and have only messed up twice with runaway stitches. All have been corralled, and here's hoping my fixes aren't too obvious. My gauge is a little big, so the stitches are more open than I prefer, but a gentle blocking and the spun sugar aspect of the Alpaca Cloud will hopefully mitigate my knitting on size US2s instead of US0s. (When did my knitting get so loose? Perplexing.)

Half done with Hanami, and already I'm daydreaming about the next lace project for my knitting group's Summer of Lace KAL. In the won'thavetothinksomuch corner are Adamas, Foliage, Juno Regina, and Moon Dance. In the breathtakinglybeautifulbutwillitmakemepullallmyhairout corner is Irtfa'a. (Thanks to Meredith for once again putting this on my radar.) I wonder which one will win out? Any preferences?