Sunday, February 10, 2008


Pattern: Unoriginal Hat by Yarn Harlot
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Leticia in Hard Rock - 1 skein
Needles: US 11 Takumi dpns
Mods: None
Rating: Quickies can be satisfying

It was the night before the Super Bowl. Craving an easy knit, I cast on for Mission: Possible 2008 goal # 9, aka Yarn Harlot's Unoriginal Hat. The next day, sometime during the game, I cast off. All told, maybe 2 hours of knitting. The dpns slowed me down, and confirmed that in the circs vs. dpns debate for hat knitting I'm a circs girl all the way.

Before knitting, I perused Ravelry to see what people said about the pattern. There were several mentions of running out of yarn, and, when knitting on size US 10 1/2, of the hat turning out too small. So I bumped up to US 11, and felt like Scrooge as I suspiciously watched my yarn slither from ball to needles. Well. I shouldn't have worried. I had yarn to spare. And a hat that was huge on me. Luckily, it fit better on Mary - it's her noggin in the photo - and she graciously took it off my hands.

I have another skein of Leticia in Ravenscroft earmarked for another Unoriginal. Dunno, I might just use it to make a simple 2x2 ribbed hat instead. Or, if I do feel the need to blend in again, I'll go down to a US 10 1/2 and, depending on sizing, maybe only do one repeat of the pattern . 'Coz I do love me that Ravenscroft in all its dark, brooding wonderfulness.

Other knitting continues apace. Gothic Leaf is done (finally!) except for weaving in the ends and blocking. I've begun Cobblestone v. 2.0. I've gone up two sizes, and am roughly 3" into the body. I'm still loving the yarn, and the stockinette is very soothing. I've successfully controlled my urges about casting on Lenore, and will begin them on the 15th. Lenore is the next KAL my knitting group is doing this year, and the 15th is our official start date.

I'm also casting about for some good plane knitting, so if you have any ideas, please let me know. Unfortunately, Tom and I need to attend to some sad family business out of town this week, so I'll be away from a computer from Tuesday until we return late Thursday. See ya when we get back.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Goal Tending

Here we are, three days into February, and I've yet to 'fess up to how my January goals went for Stash Knit Down 2008 and Mission: Possible 2008. Without further ado...

Stash Knit Down 2008

January goals:
+ Buy no yarn - I folded like a cheap suit after 12 days.

A skein of Wollmeise in Frosch from the Loopy Ewe (yes, I succumbed to the hysteria).

Two gorgeous skeins of Bloodflowers in Aura and Nirvana from Melanie. It's a grey, rainy day today, and this colorway is difficult to catch in all its beauty, but here's a close up of the Aura that's nearer to the real color. The Nirvana is available in her etsy shop, so hurry, go get yourself some!

Also: I committed to a reup on my Loopy Ewe Sock Club subscription (though I haven't paid for it yet, so I'm not counting it). I bought more yarn for my stealth crochet project, too, as I ran short at the end. Oh, and I helped Wendy out with her sale, too. Hey, anything for a friend, right?
+ Don't whine about buying no yarn - I didn't whine a bit during the 12 days I actually controlled myself.
+ Cast on Lenore socks - My knitting group is knitting these for our second KAL of the year. It begins on 2/15, so I'm waiting to cast on then.
+ Finish knitting Cobblestone - Hahaha. This is a good one. It's frogged and waiting to be cast on again.
+ Stealth crochet project - DONE

February goals:
+ Keep knitting related purchases under $100. This includes yarn, patterns, needles, everything.
+ Finish Gothic Leaf Stole.
+ Cast on Cobblestone and knit 10" of the body.
+ Cast on and finish first Lenore sock.

Mission: Possible 2008

#7 - Crochet stealth project - DONE

I'm puttering along on a few others, too, but won't include them until they're 100% finito.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Silent Poetry Reading for the Feast of St. Brigid

To Emily Bronte

The witch-owls call, black shadows fall
About my lonely way;
The wind sinks down, and ne'er a sound
Proclaims the passing day.

I am alone, all others gone
Into the warmth and light,
Again once more, as oft before,
I hear the voice of night.

For me alone those murmurs come
From the rustling woods;
For me alone the sea makes moan
Beneath his aching floods.

All interwove with jewelled love
Are beauty, joy and woe;
All one with me, the singing sea,
The grey sheep as they go.

~ Florence Cortis-Stanford
from An Anthology of Scottish Women Poets
by Catherine Kerrigan