Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Stuff

1. Bright, Sunshiny Day

Anita says I make her day. Thanks, Anita! Hers is one of the first blogs I started reading way back when, and I'm continually awed by her wicked sock knitting skills. And her way with Rowan yarn. She and I have done a couple of swaps, and her heart is B.I.G.

As for passing along this sweet sentiment, I love all of you. Doesn't that sound L.A.? Yeah, well, I do. But, after thinking about it for a few days, I want to give a shout out to a few special grrls:

- Founder of my knitting group and maker of a mean lemon bar. Her urging me to do so is the reason I started this blog, and her untiring enthusiasm for all things yarn-related keeps me inspired and knittin' alongside her.

Marie - Co-founder of my knitting group and a fellow tweed lover. She shares her knowledge selflessly and never laughs at my moments of knitting idiocy. (It's embarrassing how long it took me to figure out a workable cast on for Foliage, but her suggestion saved the hat.) She likes Neil Gaiman. 'Nuff said.

Ellen - Sometimes I think we were separated at birth. Except she's way hipper than I. I'm still not sure about this acrylic she keeps telling me about, though; sounds a little newfangled to me.

Laura - For some reason, she puts up with me even though I sometimes leave her totally random blog comments. And break her wine glasses. We share a geeky love of Captain Tightpants...maybe that has something to do with it??

Meredith - Her blog - like her - is honest, positive, and laugh out loud amusing, and while we may live far away from each other, I'd totally take her to my favorite tiki bar if she came to visit.

Melanie - She's feisty, funny, and strong. I can't wait to get the first installment of her Punk Rock Sock Club; as I told her, I've almost gnawed off my fingers in anticipation.

Wendy - We bought $5 postcards together. Isn't that insane? If we were in high school together we'd be hell on wheels: Smoking in the girl's room, riding with boys in Camaros, drinking blueberry daiquiris under pool tables while listening to AC/DC...so it's a good thing we met now. She has the best taste in stash I've ever run across. And yes, I'm talking about yarn.

Ladies, you make my day!

2) I Need Some New Projects

Bye, bye Boing!

The Reckless Cast On was a success. Of my seven projects, I've completed three (Reverse Cable Scarf, Foliage, and Rick Rack), frogged one (Boing), and am still plugging away on the remaining three (Flutter, Cable Footies, and Neck Down Cardi). Details to come on the FOs.

3) Or Maybe I Don't

My knitting group is running a Spring Cleaning KAL until 6/20. We're finishing our UFOs, and some people are making good headway. My project is my Lenores. I've knit an inch on them.

4. A Great Argument for (Hand) Knits


Meredith said...

Holy blog fodder Batman! Thank you so much for the shout out, babe. Big HUGSSSSS for you. You keep me motivated in my knit-stuffs and you are an inspiration to me. I'm up for the tiki bar if you are! Until we can actually do it, here's my favourite online Tiki Bar for us to enjoy from a distance. www.tikibartv.com
And look at you GO! I'm so impressed with your knitting mojo lately and the projects are beautiful. I admire your adventurous spirit in knitting and your project choices. The girl's got pizazz people!! You've got a great support of friends here, which is clearly evidence that you are a wonderful caring woman. You deserve the best!

Meredith said...

Oh yeah and that last photo? I think I need a cold shower now...*MUAH HA HA HA*

jillian said...

Is it wrong that I immediately knew who you meant by Captain Tightpants without clicking the link? So Geeky!!

LotusKnits said...

Aww thanks for the love! I lurve you too! mwah!! You're too sweet.

Um...I'd totally knit for that guy. RAWR.

Best get cracking on our Lenores, eh?

mary said...

Aw shucks! Same and more right back atcha! You always make my day! You inspire me and I love it when we go crazy and buy more yarn together. hee hee! And yay for your quick FOs.

Ellen Bloom said...

Thanks for mentioning me, Sweetie! Being hip is just being informed. You are waaaaaaay informed and equally as hip as me, if not hipper (younger)!
The minute we started comparing notes via our blogs, I knew we were like-minded. You are the coolest of the cool chicks. Ack-rylic will grow on you...one of these days. I've been trying to get it into the hipness club for decades! If only THAT MARY wasn't so against it!

RoxyKnits said...

Awwwww sweetie, you say the nicest things ;)

You've done crazily well with the Recklest Cast on!! I'd have cast on 7 things and frogged 7 lol! Decisions aren't my strong point right now, but I DID order Nectar by Kim Hargreaves yesterday....can't wait!

Macoco said...

Whoah - yummy yum yum!

A spring cleaning knit-along is a really good idea!

mehitabel said...

Thanks for the kind words! You inspire me all the time--and we have fun together. So what could be better??
Ellen--that ack-rylic has its place. In your stash, not mine or Madgik's! If I find any more, consider it yours!

La said...

::hugs:: You make my day too.

AND, come to find out, it's an old Italian superstition that it's good luck for the house when wine's spilt!